The best way to grow professionally in remote leadership positions is to proactively take over hard work in adjacent domains from your peers or boss.

You will expand your ability to execute complex cross-team initiatives and prepare for the next step in your career.

This is the idea that stuck with me the most from reading An Elegant Puzzle. Let’s go deeper.

What Is Hard Work?

Hard work is:

  • It doesn’t look fun; nobody is rushing to do it.
  • Work outside of your domain and comfort zone.
  • Poorly defined, with loose criteria of success.
  • Requires functional…

At Doist, our teams are grouped by function. We have an Android team, a Design team, a Marketing team, etc. The way we execute projects is in month-long cycles, each project should ideally be defined in a way that it can be implemented within one month.

Most of our larger projects require deep coordination between teams. When we want to ship the Dark Theme, each platform team participates, as well as design, product, marketing and support. …

Having recently finished the Scenario-Focused Engineering book, I’ve been considering how to put some of the practices into use for our Windows team. With three devs to build the Todoist for Windows 10 app, there’s not a lot of dev time we can afford to sacrifice for other activities.

At the same time, we definitely have ample opportunities for improvement:

  1. Some of our UX is too friendly towards touch, while mouse and keyboard users expect ruthless efficiency
  2. We lack a…

This story has been moved with refreshed content to my new personal blog.

Chihaya is a simple bot I built to help me learn Japanese. It can look up translations and definitions, translate kanji to kana and a few other things.

It’s open-sourced on GitHub for everyone to check out. You can also try it on Skype. In this post I’d like to share a few bits about the experience of building it.

Used Tech

  • Bot Framework — A c# and NodeJS framework to build bots with. …

Update: The standalone Boards app has been discontinued, but we’re taking what we learned and plan to incorporate it into the Todoist app soon. Sign up for the Ambition & Balance newsletter and be the first to know when it’s released.

Today, we’re announcing Boards by Todoist, a simple, stand-alone app for Windows 10. Boards is very much about the Todoist team learning how to work with the Kanban visualization and listening intently to our users on how it could be improved to fit with their workflow.

It’s the first time we’re doing an experiment like this, and it seems…

Jan Kratochvíl

Head of Integrations @Doist , makers of @Todoist.

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